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Tanayah Sam Associates was founded in July 2015 as a non profit organisation by its current CEO, Tanayah Sam. Our mission is to use a unique approach which responds to both the shortcomings within the criminal justice system and the belief systems of offenders “The best opportunities to overcome offending are found in unlikely places. But firstly, if you can understand just how toxic the revolving door to re-offending is, and can seek out those who share a new belief system, then you can break those corrosive chains.” - Tanayah Sam Our team of associates come from a range of sectors including arts, sport and education. We know the social, political and moral struggles faced by society and are committed to reducing crime and terror in our towns and cities by using:
Prevention - Steering young people from committing crime or acts of terror Training and mentoring - To service providers working with those at risk of offending & long term / historic offenders Consultation - Advisory service for organisations working with offenders or those at risk of offending;
  • Prevention - Steering young people from committing crime or acts of terror
  • Training and mentoring - To service providers working with those at risk of offending & long term / historic offenders
  • Consultation - Advisory service for organisations working with offenders or those at risk of offending

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Tanayah Sam

The Issues

Crime is destructive in any society and can have ill effects on victims, witnesses, families, offenders and society as a whole.


From 1994 - 2014 the Prison population in England and Wales increased by 35,000.

Sexual Crimes

Sexual offences have increased by 35% since 02/03.


In 2015 the re-offending rate in the first 12 months is 58%.

Young Offenders

As of December 2014, 68% of young peope who are released from custody re-offend within 12 months.

The Solution

We offer programs, workshops and one to one sessions to children and young people in order to raise awareness and provide preventative measures for criminal offending. Our new Gang Culture Training program is aimed at service providers working with young people in gangs or at risk of joining gangs.

Is a 10 week programme delivered to young people to raise awareness and introduce preventative measures for criminal offending. Topics covered are Faith and cultural extremism, sexual offending, youth violence and gangs just to name a few.
Is a workshop specific to those who work in the criminal justice system. This gives opportunity for practitioners to become more informed the varying cultures for BAME offenders and variant ways on how to work with them.
The Preventive Radicalisation Program is aimed at challenging the Ideologies of extremism. The program is designed to accommodate young people from senior school to universities and can be delivered to up to 300 people at a time.

What people say?

I have known Tanayah Sam for over 18 years in a range of capacities, both personally and professionally. Observing his transformation from an ex offender to becoming a pillar within the community amongst those that are often rejected, hated, ridiculed and unheard. I see the love, respect and admiration for Tanayah from men and women who are faced with some harsh realities such as life in prison, victims of violence or families having to deal with the burden of one’s poor life choices. Tanayah not only understands the social reality of those that are affected but has the knowledge and skills to implement strategies that are realistic. Tanayah is not just a regular practitioner, he is an expert in his field and having the opportunity to work with him on the frontline, academically and nationally, he is someone that I would highly recommend.

Craig Pinkney, UCB (Criminologist, Urban Youth Specialist and Lecturer)

What people say?

" I have known Tanayah Sam for three years, in his capacity as a User Voice member. He has attended research meetings at the Institute, at which we discuss the often sensitive and complex findings of research projects and their implications. He has always had much of value to contribute to these meetings, and does so with maturity, generosity and insight. On the strengths of our various contacts and conversations, I invited him to give two seminars here, one as a guest seminar speaker to our MPhil programme, and one as a guest seminar speaker to our MSt students, who are senior managers or other professionals in the criminal justice field. Both were an outstanding success. He talks with clarity and passion, as well as tremendous knowledge, about his own experience and all he has learned from it, as well as about his continuing work helping young men in particular to exit from pathways to crime, gangs and extremism. His nature of his role in this kind of work has a high impact on those who hear him.

Tanayah is a role model to many current and former prisoners, to offenders and ex-offenders, and to many young men facing exclusion and the temptations of violence. He has intimate understanding of the challenges of growing up in modern cities, and an intelligent and well-informed approach to finding alternatives. He has the energy, and experience to encourage others to ‘walk good’. He has worked in nice prisons, teaching prisoners about engaging in civil society, and working with gang members to develop the skills needed to exit the lifestyle. He is exceptionally good at this task. He has contributed very usefully, and with flair, to our research on ‘building trust in high security prisons’. It is always a pleasure to work with him. "

Professor Alison Liebling, ( Institute of Criminology Cambridge University) Jun 2015

What people say?

"Tanayah embodies the word desistance,his journey from service user to practitioner to academic will inspire and add value to any individual, professional or organisation within the criminal justice system."

Raymond Douglas, National Coordinator, Anti youth violence

What people say?

"I have known Tanayah in a range of capacities, both personal and professional. His unswerving commitment to addressing issues of social justice for serving and reformed offenders, combined with his resilience makes Tanayah a pretty extraordinary human being. More importantly Tanayah has a strong appetite for acquiring knowledge and a hunger for learning. His personal qualities alongside his ability to change and impact on the lives of others serves as an important lesson for all of us involved in working within the Criminal Justice system. "

Dr Martin Glynn (Sankofa Research Limited)

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